These pages contain a selection of my photographic work from over the years, much of which depicts the South East Australian coastal regions closer to my home in Melbourne. Until about 2012 they were made first using medium format, and then later using traditional large format film cameras that were essentially the same techology as was used about 100 years ago (although with better lenses). The large format images were recorded on sheets of film that are 4" by 5" (or 10 x 12.5cm), which covers an area about 15x as large as 35mm, and captures amazing detail and tonal range. The ability to alter the "plane of focus" by tilting the lens relative to the film plane with large format view cameras also allows for much improved sharpness from near to far in many situations.

However, the demise of large format slide film and good processing labs, along with recent advances in (relatively affordable) large digital sensors now make digital capture a viable alternative. New work is therefore now being produced using high resolution digital cameras combined with specialised and custom lenses that retain some of the tilt/shift abilties of the view camera. The added benefit of greatly increased dynamic range over slide film also brings new exciting photographic possiblities that were simply not possible in the past.

Gallery quality fine-art prints are available for purchase, and licensing arrangements are available upon request.
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